Street Fighter 5 Beta #2 Available Now

Published: October 22, 2015 8:43 AM /



Street Fighter 5's Second beta test is online now for PS4 users and PC users at a later in the week. Depending on your region, PS4 users who have will have the ability to redeem a Beta key from their pre-order or have the chance to be selected for the beta by signing up for the beta on the Street Fighter website. PC users on the other hand can pre-order the game now through steam and receive guaranteed access from the 23rd until the beta concludes. There are a number of features included in this beta including cross-platform play, Leader boards, ranked matchmaking and Player Searching.

The main goal of this beta seems to be to test the cross play compatibility between the PS4 and PC as well as to introduce the player base to the new characters. The recently announced Ken, Necalli, R.Mika and Vega will are unlocked from the beginning of the trial. Over the next few days, characters Rashid and Karin will also be added. This is all according to the Beta 2# information post on the Capcom-unity blog.

PC users will be able to pre-load the beta right now to be ready to instantly jump in to the beta. As this is the first time any PC version of the game has been available to the public. It is not known whether there will be any substantial differences from the PS4 version or more minute details such as what fight sticks will be compatible with the game. There will be an update article after the beta is complete giving a retrospective on the PC version of the Beta.

Quick Take

Having had hands on with an earlier PS4 build of the game at EGX 2015, it will definitely be interesting to compare the two versions and see if there are any substantial differences. Having never played Rashid or Karin before, it will be be interesting to see how these characters play. Hopefully the Beta #2 will be a more stable build than previously and people in all regions will be able to get a fair amount of games.

Are you participating in the beta? What characters are you looking forward to playing? let us know in the comments.


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