Strategy Game Humankind Welcomes Players To Test New Scenarios

Published: June 13, 2020 2:52 PM /


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Amplitude showed off more of their grand strategy game Humankind at this year's PC Gaming Showcase. Their project is a historical turn-based strategy game where you can completely rewrite the history of humanity. It is an experience that gives you the grand opportunity to combine the attitudes, cultures, philosophies, and values of multiple different types of society, from the ancient Egyptians to the Aztecs to the Zulu to modern America, and blend them together into an utterly unique civilization you can call your own. Conquer the moon with highly advanced Egyptians who have adopted Nietsche's mindset of the Ubermensch while maintaining an American Cosmopolitan approach to architecture and a military that have adopted drone warfare? All of this is promised with the potential of Humankind.

Previews for Humankind have also demonstrated Amplitude's dedication to this vision. Building cities, maintaining your own personal navy, developing technology, customizing your own personal world leader to shape the direction of your people are all present here, taking the inherent appeal of growth and expansion to its natural extreme.

But rather than announce a release date or an update to their current build, they announced open-dev content, an expansion of their previous player supported game2gether. As always, Amplitude studios want its very fans and players to help test the limits of their game with the introduction of 3 time-limited scenarios: Towers of Babylon, Battles of History, and Hold The Fort. Players will test the limits of the game's systems and give feedback with the early stages of development of these scenarios, allowing them to make a permanent mark on this content and the rest of the community, while also doing their part for this utterly ambitious game.

The game's official retail release is still slated for 2021, players who are interested in participating can apply here.

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