Strangeland is a Poetic Horror Adventure Coming this May

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Strangeland, a pixel-graphic point-and click horror title, is developed by Wormwood Games (creators of Primordia), published by Wadjet Eye Games, and will be released on PC on May 25. Players start the game by waking up on a rickety wooden bridge that's suspended in the sky. In the distance is Strangeland, which is a "funhouse booby-trapped with riddles of the mind." Making your way there, you are greeted by a woman who throws herself down a well, killing herself. You then answer a payphone and hear your own voice. This apparently the case because you've been here before and you will be again and again until you solve the souls that keep your soul tethered to the carnival and destroy the Dark Thing that's waiting for you.

Some of Strangeland's denizens will help you while others will only serve to make you question your surroundings even more. Your goal is to decipher the riddles surrounding this weird reality before you are lost in the darkness that is slowly consuming it. What you don't know, though, is if the darkness if from outside or within. Intrigued? Check out the creepy trailer below:

Strangeland has been in development for over ten years, which is a lot of time to put into anything. Hopefully it's worth it in the long run.  Players will have to navigate the bizarre dreamworld that they're trapped in, solve puzzles that can sometimes be solved in more than one way, an use an integrated hint system if you want to. If you're hardcore (unlike me, who would use the hint system) you don't have to either. There's also a developer commentary on your next playthrough and an "annotation mode" where the developers explain the game's metaphors, references, and other interesting things that pop up.

If Strangeland is a place you find yourself wanting to visit, be sure to check out the Steam page, where it will launch there and on GOG on May 25, 2021. 

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