StoryBundle Offers Book Deal with Endless Summer Game Bundle

Published: July 18, 2019 9:00 AM /


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Whether you already have a summer reading list or want to kickstart one, consider checking out StoryBundle’s latest deal, the Endless Summer Game Bundle. Working as a platform to connect readers with indie books, StoryBundle has held deals for all sorts of genres, ranging from steampunk to historical fiction. Curated by author David L. Craddock, this latest bundle is true to its name and gathers together a variety of gaming-related ebooks.

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When buying books, readers can decide how much goes to indie authors and how much goes to StoryBundle. They can also donate a portion of what they pay to a charity partnered with StoryBundle.

For $5, readers can get the base set of four books. To get six more bonus titles along with the base set, they'll have to pay $15. Ultimately, StoryBundle is offering a 10-book set:

What Your Teachers Are Playing edited by Christian Cardenas and Dylan Altman

An essay collection that mixes "narrative criticism and creative memoir" while covering a range of games that includes Street Fighter V and Star Wars: Battlefront.

Handheld Video Games You Will Never Play by the Unseen64 collective

A guide to unreleased and canceled portable gaming.

8-Bit Obituaries by John Harris

Examining so-called "bad games" on the NES and seeing if they really deserve their poor reputation.

HG101 Presents: The Guide to Shoot-em-ups Vol. 1 by Kurt Kalata

Looking at shoot-em-ups from the '80s and '90s by developers like Technosoft and Hudson.

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The cover art for HG101 Presents: The Guide to Shoot-em-ups Vol. 1 draws inspiration from The Guardian Legend illustrator Naoyuki Kato.

Arcade Perfect by David L. Craddock

Following games as they moved from arcades to home consoles and PCs.

HG101 Presents: NES Cult Classics by Kurt Kalata

Shedding light on lesser-known developers on the NES like Atlus and Natsume, as well as Famicom titles exclusive to Japan.

History of Digital Games: Developments in Art, Design and Interaction by Andrew Williams

A historical survey that ranges from "coin-operated amusement in the late 1800s to the independent games of unconventional creators in the present."

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GameDev Stories - Volume 3 by David L. Craddock

A selection of interviews with developers talking about arcades and the process of bringing them to consoles and PC.

Boss Fight Books' Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic by Alex Kane

An oral history with the creative team behind the classic BioWare and Star Wars RPG.

HG101 Presents: Unofficial Guide to Konami Shooters by Kurt Kalata

Showcasing shoot-em-ups from Konami, like Thunder Cross and TwinBee.

This isn’t StoryBundle’s first game-themed collection. The platform has released a wide range of game-centric deals, like the Spring Fired-Up Game Bundle, the Winter Power-Up Game Bundle, and the Retro Wonders Game Bundle. Some of them have even come with so-called StoryBundle exclusives, such as the Mega Game Bundle’s Exp. Negatives by Mathew Kumar.

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StoryBundle deals are limited-time offers, with this bundle available for another 21 days. While the platform’s previous deals are archived for everyone to see, StoryBundle’s FAQ page says they haven’t been made available for purchase again. The platform’s FAQ adds that they’re looking for a way to make old bundle deals available in the future, but don’t have “anything concrete yet.”

However, it appears that HG101 Presents: The Unofficial Guide to Konami Shooters in the Endless Summer Game Bundle was available before in a previous deal, the Video Game Bundle 7.0

Some books previously sold through StoryBundle can be found on other online storefronts. For example, from the Summer Smash Game Bundle, Fallen Down - Heartache & Compassion in Undertale by Joel Couture is available on Amazon, and The Offworld Collection by Leigh Alexander and Laura Hudson can be found through

Along with the Endless Summer Game Bundle, StoryBundle has the 2019 World SF Bundle currently available for purchase too. 

Do you plan to check out the Endless Summer Game Bundle? Have you ever bought from StoryBundle before? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.