The AI in Still There tells Karl to wake up

Still There Launches For PC And Switch November 20th

Published: October 29, 2019 3:10 PM



Psychological space adventure Still There has a release date. GhostShark Games and Iceberg Interactive's point-and-click title launches for PC and Switch on November 20th.

In Still There, you play as Karl Hamba, a spaceman stationed aboard the space lighthouse of The Bento. Your only companion is Gorky, your onboard artificial intelligence. One day, you receive a mysterious radio transmission which changes the relationship between you and Gorky forever. You must discover the source of the transmission, navigate your tenuous relationship with your employers, and discover the true purpose of The Bento. Check out the release date trailer for Still There below:


On the game's official Steam page, developer GhostShark Games describes Still There as a "classic humane sci-fi mystery". The Bento has a series of daily tasks you must complete and the interplay between those tasks and Karl's more metaphysical discussions with Gorky make up the bulk of Still There. You'll monitor and repair the core systems of the Bento and study the environment around you to understand all of the things your station can do. GhostShark says the Bento is "brimming with detail" and things you can interact with.

If you're interested in Still There, you can wishlist the game on Steam ahead of its November 20th release date. It'll also be launching for Nintendo Switch, but there's no store page for it there yet so you'll just have to wait if that's your platform of choice. In the meantime, you can keep up with publisher Iceberg Interactive via Twitter, Facebook, and Discord if you'd like to know what the studio is up to. You can also check out the official GhostShark Games website for more info about the Italian developer. 


Will you be checking out Still There when it launches this November? Let us know in the comments below!

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