Step Aside, DOOM Eternal: Chex Quest HD is Coming

Published: April 14, 2020 2:08 PM /


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If you were hyped about the launch of DOOM Eternal, you'll soon be able to experience another amazing first-person shooter on Steam: Chex Quest HD is coming.

What's Chex Quest? First of all, how dare you. Second of all, Chex Quest was a fantastic computer game that was given away in boxes of Chex cereal. It was, for all intents and purposes, a kid-friendly first-person shooter created using the same engine as the original DOOM games.

Rather than face off against hordes of demons, the players had to combat colorful aliens using your "zorch" devices to make them disappear. This was the introduction to PC gaming and/or first-person shooters for many people and is still beloved by many for its charming weirdness. Now, Chex Quest HD is coming to Steam — and it won't cost you a penny.

All About Chex Quest HD

As Pixelbuster notes, players will be able to play as one of six unlockable members of the Chex Mix Squadron in this remake of the 1996 freeware classic. The Intergalactic Federation of Snacks has had their outpost overrun by the evil Flemoids and it's up to you to stop them!

You won't have to do this battle alone, either — players can opt to enjoy a split-screen multiplayer mode through the use of 2 compatible USB controllers. There will surely be some original players who will now be able to share this game with the next generation.

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When is the Chex Quest HD Release Date?

If you're keen on a bit of a nostalgia trip, you'll be able to play this new version soon: the Chex Quest HD release date is coming sometime in the Summer of 2020.

One might be wondering about the price. Well, the original game was given away in boxes of cereal, and the developers are being equally generous this time around. You'll be able to play the HD version of Chex Quest on Steam, completely for free. For now, you can add Chex Quest HD to your wishlist on Steam.

Are you excited to see Chex Quest make its return to modern computers? Did you get a chance to play the original when you were younger? Let us know in the comments below!


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