Stellaris Gets New Asimov Update

Published: June 27, 2016 11:16 PM /


Stellaris Asimov

Galactic grand strategy game Stellaris has gotten Update 1.2, which is titled 'Asimov' after the influential science fiction author. This new update adds and adjusts more content in the space conquest sim, as detailed in Dev Diaries that are available here and here. Some notable highlights from the patch include the introduction of space nomads, new diplomatic options, and more excuses for going to war.

Space nomads are, as their name implies, fleets of traveling ships which might happen to cross paths with your empire. At present, they serve little purpose beyond trade and providing you a bit of information regarding other empires they have met, but game director Martin Anward mentioned on the forums that the nomads might be a good focus for some other, more interesting content. Possibly, the modding community could take a hand in fleshing out such events.

Stellaris Update

Some of the existing diplomatic options have been moved around to be more consolidated, and some new additions such as defensive pacts and joint war declarations have been added. The former 'embassies' mechanic has been replaced with 'trust', which requires cooperation with AI civilizations to build up. Such measures will be needed to generate enough goodwill to engage in the new options, as wars are best shared among friends.

New causes of war are now available to players with a more hawkish outlook. You might engage military force to keep a rival's borders open, ruin a planet they control, or simply to humiliate them. Soft-spoken warmongers can also try to stop atrocities being committed by the defender, but the conquest probably doesn't hurt either.

Paradox Interactive released Stellaris in May to their stable of massive grand strategy games, which includes Crusader Kings and Hearts of Iron. Set in the vastness of space, Stellaris challenges players to conquer the galaxy through force or guile, while competing or cooperating with alien races. If you want to read more on Stellaris check out our review of the game!

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