Stellaris: Federations May Have Been Leaked Via GOG

Published: October 18, 2019 7:26 AM /


Stellaris: Federations Leak

Stellaris: Federations may very well be the next expansion to be coming to Paradox Development Studio's 4X game Stellaris. A Redditor noticed that Federations was listed as a possible upgrade for his game on GOG and he was wise enough to grab a screenshot. What's more, a second Redditor may have found another piece of upcoming DLC — and he got a pretty interesting response from the developers when he inquired about it.

Reddit /u/roosterfareye posted a submission to the /r/Stellaris subreddit with a screenshot purporting to show Stellaris: Federations as an available upgrade for his game, set to release 119 hours and change from when he took the screenshot. That would peg the launch of this expansion as sometime on Tuesday — a Tuesday that just so happens to be the weekend after PDXCon, Paradox Interactive's home-grown convention.

That's not all that was discovered, though — Redditor /u/SpaceKuma also submitted an image of his own, and this one also shows the Stellaris: Lithoids Species Pack. So, here we have a couple of screenshots purporting to show the next Stellaris expansion the weekend before PDXCon — but is it too good to be true?

Stellaris: Federations GOG screenshot
This is the screenshot that is stated to show the next Stellaris expansion.

The Evidence for Stellaris: Federations

There is some evidence that the next Stellaris expansion may be coming, although most of it is circumstantial. First up is the screenshots shared independently by two Redditors, although one should bear in mind that screenshots (and even video) can be faked by someone with a decent level of technical skill. However, that isn't the only evidence we have.

Next up is the Steam DB page for StellarisIn it, we can see that a "PDXCon press build" and "PDXCon demo build" have updated 3 days ago and 4 days ago, respectively, giving us a pretty solid indication that they're likely going to be showing something at this year's show.

Lastly, someone had the sense to post one of these purported leaks to the game's official Facebook page and ask outright if the developers would give a statement on it. The conversation went as follows:

Decima Lion: can you guys give a statement on this????

Stellaris: Sure! Keep an eye on our stream tomorrow for awesome stuff! You ain't seen nothing yet!

I wouldn't quite call that a confirmation, but it sure as shootin' ain't a denial, either. Keep an eye on today's PDXCon streams to see if there really will be a debut of Stellaris: Federations. You can find out more about the convention and where you can watch it online at its official website.

Do you think Stellaris: Federations will be revealed during PDXCon or is it just a well-crafted fake? What do you hope to see in this expansion if it's real? Let us know in the comments below!

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