Stellaris: Distant Stars DLC Comes Crashing to PC May 22

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The developers over at Paradox Interactive have recently announced that their grand-strategy space exploration title Stellaris has a new DLC pack arriving early next week.

Stellaris: Distant Stars will bring in a focus on the discovering of new anomalies and creatures that await in the uncharted depths of space. Ambitious explorers are promised with new surprises that may help or harm certain players, but keep the revelations in this story pack rich. Unexplored unique solar systems must be unraveled, each of which contains their own background tale. The more you seek, the more valuable worlds you'll find to colonize, which will supply you with various new technological findings and resources.

As you reach deeper into the void, you'll begin to discover once hidden traces of an archaic gateway network that unlocks a sealed path to a constellation that resides outside your own galaxy. You won't know if this hidden sector has been sequestrated to maintain the horrors outside, or whether it is hiding something dire within. As you begin your route to this location, you're bound to have come across some notable events that will allow your intrepid scientists to learn new methods of observing or analyzing the galaxy, so the more you venture, the easier your understanding will become.

Where there are areas of large, untapped vacuums of space, there's often brooding monsters waiting. You'll notice yourself coming face to face with various gargantuan creatures that thrive through residing in wide-open areas. Approach them with caution as these legendary behemoths have existed for far longer than you have, and plan to keep it that way. Be aware that some of these creatures pan out to be gentle giants, so don't begin firing your lasers until you are certain that you're dealing with a pernicious, deadly enemy.

Stellaris: Distant Stars will arrive on PC come May 22 for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. If this seems interesting, be sure to check out the trailer below.

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