Stellaris: Digital Anniversary Edition Released


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Stellaris: Digital Anniversary Edition Released

May 9, 2017

By: Chris Anderson

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Linux, Mac, PC
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May 9, 2016 (Calendar)
Strategy, 4X
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Paradox Interactive have announced a Digital Anniversary Edition of their space 4X game Stellaris. As you've probably guessed from the title of the edition, this version of the game is released to commemorate the game's one year anniversary.

It’s hard to believe that Stellaris is already a year old. Paradox Development Studio’s science fiction empire builder arrived in 2016 to widespread critical acclaim and found an eager audience ready to transcend the bonds of their home planet and forge a bright (or dystopian) future. To celebrate this anniversary, and as a gesture of thanks to the inhabitants of Earth, Paradox is offering a Stellaris bundle with its three expansions.
So here's what you're getting if you decide to get anniversary edition:

StellarisThe base game that lets you start, grow and ever-expand your fledgling interstellar empire.

Stellaris: Utopia: the game's first major expansion pack. Utopia gives players more control over their empire, allowing them to customize the inner workings of your realm. This expansion adds megastructures to the game. These tall behemoths give your empire unique bonuses in addition to making the galaxy jealous of what you've built. Stellaris: Utopia allows you to indoctrinate your subjects, start new traditions, maximize the profits of your slave trade and more options to customize your government.

The other two pieces of DLC are less impactful than Stellaris: Utopia, but nonetheless, give you more things to play with. The first pack, titled the Plantoids Species Pack, adds a dozen new portraits for several plant-based lifeforms. The second pack is the Leviathans Story Pack which adds new encounters with "monstrous" new creatures and encounters.

Paradox is also giving away the pre-order pack Creatures of the Void and a new Anniversary Species Portrait Pack to all Stellaris owners as a thank you for their support over the last year. Over the week of the anniversary, Paradox will also be offering discounts on the purchase of the base game and the first two major pieces of DLC.
If you want to get your hands on the anniversary edition of Paradox Interactive's grand strategy on an installer scale, you can grab it on Steam right now for around $70 or your regional equivalent!