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Stellaris Aquatics Species Pack and 3.2 Update is Here

November 22, 2021 3:30 PM

By: Robert N. Adams


The Stellaris Aquatics Species Pack is here, adding an interesting new way to play Paradox Interactive's 4X game. Furthermore, the Stellaris 3.2 Update "Herbert" Patch has also arrived.

Stellaris is a Paradox Interactive game, so that means it's all about getting your hands on that sweet add-on content. We've seen some serious overhauls in the game over the years along with new content such as the Distant Stars DLC and the Federations expansion. Now, there's a new Species Pack to grab alongside a new free update for everyone else.




Go Underwater With the Stellaris Aquatics Species Pack

Let's kick things off with the Stellaris Aquatics Species Pack, a brand-new batch of content that you can pick up right now to spice up your 4X experience. This pack includes 15 new Aquatic Portraits, an Aquatic-themed Robotic Portrait, and a water-themed ship set.

That's not all that's coming in the Stellaris Aquatics Species Pack, though! You can also get your choice of two new Origins as noted in today's news post:


  • Here Be Dragons - Start in a system guarded by the Sky Dragon, this dragon will protect you from harm, as long as you keep it happy.
  • Ocean Paradise - Start on a large-sized Ocean world with rich food deposits, and get production, happiness, and pop growth bonuses on your homeworld, but  start with no guaranteed habitable worlds.

You can read about all of the other additions you get with this pack in today's news post. You can buy the Stellaris Aquatics Species Pack for PC via Steam at the price of $7.99 or your regional equivalent for a limited time, but that's not all of the new content -- a new free update has also launched!

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What's New in the Stellaris Update 3.2 "Herbert" Patch?

Also arriving today is the Stellaris Update 3.2 "Herbert" Patch. Paradox has continued with its tradition of naming updates after sci-fi authors, giving Dune author Frank Herbert the honor this time around.

A big focus of this update is improvements to AI -- you can look forward to facing tougher opponents if you go up against the computer. Terraforming is also getting some improvements with the addition of random Terraforming events. The explorers out there will also be able to find new anomalies for Gas Giants, Asteroids, and uninhabitable anomaly categories.

Another major addition is a new ship browser that will allow players to take a look at all shipsets from any angle. There are, of course, some balance changes, bugfixes, and more; you can read the full Stellaris Update 3.2 "Herbert" patch notes for all the details. If you haven't yet jumped into this great 4X game, now is as good a time as any to buy it -- you have a little less than two days to buy Stellaris for PC via Steam at its discounted price of $9.99, a 75% price cut that ends on Wednesday, November 24, 2021.

What do you think of the new Stellaris Aquatics Species Pack? What's your favorite change in the Stellaris Update 3.2 "Herbert" Patch? Let us know in the comments below!


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