SteamWorld Heist releases December 10

Published: December 1, 2015 10:43 AM /



After two years in creation, Image & Form has announced the upcoming release date for their next game SteamWorld Heist. Set to come out on December 10th, SteamWorld Heist is the next game in the SteamWorld line of games that has crossed genres for Image & Form with a steampunk aesthetic, this time being a space adventure with turn-based tactical combat utilizing aimed shots and environmental things over stuff like dice rolls.

Taking from other games that mix live aiming with turnbased game play, such as Valkyria Chronicles you'll be able to take your time aiming and moving but have greater control over how you shoot. In SteamWorld Heist you'll be able to recruit a rag-tag team of steam driven robots and travel through space boarding, looting and shooting your way through the dangers there in space, which will let you upgrade your robots with unique abilities, weapons, and super stylish hats with a steampunk aesthetic. The game will have a lot of replayability with over 100 weapons and levels that are generated uniquely each time with a new-game+ mode as well.

The December release date is only for the Nintendo 3DS, with the legion of other platforms - Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, XBox One, Wii U, and iOS to follow at unspecified times. Also announced is the price point, to be $19.99 for the space robot adventure. However, the Nintendo 3DS community will have a couple of specials for that first festive month of December, as it will be $3 off, until December 31st, and there will be an exclusive 3DS Home Menu Theme for that time period that will never be released again.

Also announced was the winner of their latest SteamWorld Ambassador Challenge, where they challenged fans to create a tagline for their launch trailer which will be premiering on December 8th. The winner, J-Gamer Nathan, came up with the line "Too robust to rust" which may well become the games tagline if it sticks well with the trailer. Below is a trailer from earlier this year that shows some of the core gameplay you can expect:

Quick Take

We've been fans of other ImageForm games like SteamWorld Dig in the past and our hands on at EGX 2015 with SteamWorld Heist showing a game with a lot of promise. The developers have evidentely added more content than they expected since as their estimate on minimum time to beat has gone from 16 hours on average to 20-25 hours with additional time in replayability. This could be one of the hits for December to look out for if you have a Nintendo 3DS or a title to eagerly await on other platforms.


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