The Steam Winter Sale 2018 Is Now Live with a Cozy Cottage

Published: December 20, 2018 5:10 PM /


steam winter sale 2018

The Steam Winter Sale 2018 is now live. Just like many previous years, the fine folks at Valve have come up with an interesting little diversion for people visiting the store.

A sort of digital advent calendar is the highlight of the Steam Winter Sale 2018. (Well, that and the massive discounts on your favorite games.) Each day, Steam accounts that are non-limited can click on one door and receive up to three digital items. You might get something from a game like a Steam Profile background or you might get a neat little knick-knack.

Knick-knacks can be consumed for this year's quest to get the sale's unique Knick-Knack Collector badge. Thankfully, you won't have to visit the store every day to get your free items. If you miss a day, you can always click on the doors later and still get your goodies at the rate of three things per day.

Additionally, voting for the Steam Awards 2018 is now live in the Steam Winter Sale. There are eight categories to vote for with five entries in each category. The sole exception is the "Best Developer" category which has been expanded to double its size for this year.

Voting in the Steam Awards 2018 will also net you a trading card for each entry. A total of eight cards can be acquired, one for each of the categories in the awards. As usual, these cards can be used to craft a special badge and will disappear at a point after the conclusion of the sale. (In this case, the magic date is February 2, 2019.) Collect the right cards and you can make your very own The Steam Winter Sale - 2018 badge.

There are a lot of great games up for grabs at stellar discounts! Pop on over to the Steam Store and get 'em while they're hot; the Steam Winter Sale ends on January 3, 2019. Don't forget to vote!

If you want to look at other sales there's also the Humble Sonic Bundle, GOG Winter Sale and Green Man Gaming Holiday sale so with all those options you're guaranteed to find something this holiday!

What do you think of the discounts in the Steam Winter Sale 2018? Who do you think will win the Steam Awards 2018 voting? Let us know in the comments below!