Steam update adds ability to install multiple games at once.

Published: August 27, 2014 9:47 PM /



Now here's something that has been a long time coming; especially for people that have a long steam backlog like me! Don't you love it when a Steam update is actually useful?

Earlier this month it seems that Valve had silently added the functionality to the steam client; and yet it seems that no one knows the exact date that it had been included. SteamDB chimes in on the feature and how to access it, though; so whenever it was specifically added seems moot. You can access the feature by holding down the CTRL key while clicking on any un-installed items, and then right-clicking on one to open the drop-down menu so that you can install all of the selected games at once. Unfortunately, they still download one at a time... but along with Steam's recently added ability to download games while playing another Steam game, it appears that all of us have one less reason not to take a pick at our backlogs!

This steam update comes hot off the heels of Steam's recent redesign; and may be in some way related to getting the platform ready for the imminent SteamBox launch that is currently scheduled for 2015. Alongside the first public release of a game running on Valve's next-gen Source 2 engine, it seems that the Bellevue-based corporation has decided to ramp up it's efforts to get the Steam client ready for a potential flood of new users to the platform.



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