The Steam Summer Sale Has Arrived (and you Can Win Free Games)

Published: June 25, 2019 10:10 PM /


steam summer sale 2019 - steam grand prix

It's that time again! Yep, it's time for us to go to our bank websites, look at the balance, and calculate how long we can survive on ramen to score some sweet deals: the Steam Summer Sale 2019 is finally here. What's more, a brand-new special event called the Steam Grand Prix is underway, giving gamers a chance to win some free games!

Steam Summer Sale 2019

Here at TechRaptor, we rarely throw in entire press releases. They're often full of fluff and extraneous information, so we only clip out the relevant bits of information for our readers. However, here's an insider secret: Valve's press releases are always hilariously short, with no graphics or extraneous fluff. Here is the one for the Steam Summer Sale 2019 in its entirety:
The Annual Steam Summer Sale is on now thru July 9th, offering massive savings on thousands of titles. In addition, this year's sale invites players to enter the Steam Grand Prix by joining a team, earning points for rewards and having a shot at winning free games. For more, please visit
Well, at least they get to the point.

The Steam Summer Sale 2019 will be running from now through July 9, 2019. Most games have some pretty good discounts, although it may not be the best prices you can get. If money's tight, make sure to check out sites like Is There Any Deal? and CheapShark to see if you can save a dollar or two more by buying on another store and still getting a Steam key!

Not only is the sale now live (and will be until July 9, 2019) — the Steam Grand Prix will give players the chance to score some free games. Sweet!

Steam Grand Prix

So, what's the Steam Grand Prix? In short, it's a race. Five teams are racing every day, and the random people from the top three teams will automatically win the #1 game on their Steam wishlist.

Let's punch this bit out and highlight this fact: If you're going to participate in the Steam Grand Prix, you should move your most-desired and/or most expensive game to the #1 spot on your Steam wishlist right now.

Participants can "boost" their team in the race by participating and, of course, by spending money during the sale. You can also earn points by completing quests in participating games during the sale! This points will earn you Grand Prix tokens which can be used to buy chat emoticons, profile backgrounds, and more at the Grand Prix Pit Stop.

You can read the full rules of the Steam Grand Prix here.

Welp, that's the short of it! You can go and participate in the Steam Summer Sale 2019 right now. Don't forget to join Team Corgi, the absolute best team that I am definitely not biased about in any way! Good luck in the Steam Grand Prix!

Are you going to be buying games during the Steam Summer Sale 2019? What team are you going to join, and why is it Team Corgi? Share any particularly awesome deals and your thoughts in the comments below!

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