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Published: September 30, 2016 4:51 PM /



Valve has started a Steam Hardware sale on their download service that will last the weekend.

On the Steam Store, Valve put individual items on sale, as well as bundles of multiple items. There are several major hardware items on sale, as well as some smaller items as well.

The first major item on sale is the Steam Link, which connects with any computer running Steam on a home network to allow games to be played on any TV in the house. Regularly $49.99, the sale drops it down 30% at $34.99.

Steam Hardware

The next item is the Steam Controller, a controller Valve made as an alternative to mouse and keyboard controls. Much like the Steam Link, the Steam Controller is on sale for $34.99. To go along with the Steam Controller, the carrying case for said controller is on sale for $13.99.

The other items are small skins and accessories for the Steam Controller. You can buy an extra (or replacement) wireless receiver for the controller, as well as a battery door that clicks onto the back of the controller. This backplate has a groove in it allowing you to securely click your wireless receiver into it.

The last accessories on sale are skins for both the Steam Controller and the Steam Link itself. These skins include Aperture Science skins, Counter Strike: Global Offensive skins and more, each for $6.99.

Steam Hardware

As mentioned before, there are three bundles that further discount these prices. The first is the Accessories Bundle, which puts the wireless receiver, battery door, carrying case and Aperture skin together for an extra 10% discount, which totals $33.35.

The Steam Hardware Bundle puts the Steam Controller and Steam Link together for $62.98.

Finally, the biggest bundle is the Steam Hardware Complete Bundle. This bundle contains every item on the list: the controller, Steam Link, the wireless receiver, the battery door, carrying case and Aperture skin for a total of 41% off, or $89.91.

To celebrate the sale, multiple games are on sale as well, up to 75% off. Participating titles include Valve favorite Portal 2 for $4.99, the very well-received The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for $29.99, the  successful new DOOM for $29.99 and more.

The sale will last until Monday, October 3rd at 1PM EST/10AM PST.

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