Steam Greenlight Roundup: March 19

Published: March 20, 2014 10:00 AM /



Yesterday, March 19, 2014, 75 titles passed through Steam Greenlight, meaning they could use Steam as a platform for distributing their game. This doesn't mean that the game is finished and ready to be purchased off of Steam, but it does mean that once the game is finished, the developers will have the opportunity to sell their games on Steam. But, many are also already available, so check em out.

Obviously, not all Greenlit games are going to be that great or even that interesting. Quite frankly, most are similar to games that have already done just in a different artstyle.

Check out the games we think you should keep an eye on.

  • Actual Sunlight - Already Out! (Will be on Steam soon) - A game where you go through the life of an average, young office worker who battles with depression and thoughts of suicide. It is heavily text-based and is more of an interactive, linear story than anything. The things it wishes to discuss are intriguing, and if done well, could be something great.
  • Algo-Bot - Q2 2014 - You command a robot to complete various tasks to solve puzzles. The twist is that you will be using code logic, meaning that while you solve these puzzles, you will be learning some programming as well! An interesting concept if it does accomplish what it says it can.
  • Celestian Tales: Old North - Late 2014 or Early 2015 - A supposed fresh take on the JRPG style of game that promises an evolved sense of combat that has fewer battles, but each of those battles carries more significance. It boasts a story with six POVs and spanning over three decades. The artstyle looks interesting as well. If you are into JRPGs, or maybe just RPGs in general, keep an eye on this one.
  • Dark Drive - TBA- Think Metroid and Mega Man NES style sort of game, but much more focused on a sword and melee combat. Looks intriguing, and if you are into the side scrolling action of old, then this may be something for you.
  • Derrick the Deathfin - Already Out! (Will be on Steam soon) - You play a paper fish in a paper world eating as many of those paper creatures as you want. It looks like an arcade game with an incredibly cool looking style. Check out the link if you're interested.
  • Dig or Die - Q3 2014 - A Terraria-like game, but with much more focus. It boasts physics that you will have to take into account when you build structures, as well as having to worry about a water cycle, meaning you could find the water level rising significantly after a heavy rain. The main focus of the game is to defend yourself each night from attacks by building up walls and placing turrets.
  • Dragon Fin Soup - Fall 2014 - A turn based game similar to Final Fantasy Tactics with its own unique artstyle.  You can craft armor and weapons, form parties, and enter into dungeons that are procedurally generated, so no two are alike. The style of it looks great, and some care has definitely been put into it. All that is left is to wait and see what the game actually plays like.
  • Eidolon - Mid 2014 - A stylized adventure game with survival elements set in a "post-human Western Washington." You explore and discover information and history about those that lived there before you.
  • Glitchspace - Q2 2014 - A puzzle platformer that allows you to program different objects to get through the level. You can change the size of those objects, their physical properties (like no collision), make it move, and more. It seems like it combines a lot of concepts that are the core of many other games. If you like puzzle platformers, this is something for you to look at.
  • Goscurry - Already Out! (will be on Steam Soon) - Pilot a ship on a never ending road where you have to evade obstacles and take sharp corners, all while trying not to fall off the edge.
  • Only if - April 2014 - An adventure game that supposedly turns logic on its head. Making mistakes may actually progress you further in the story, the environment may change when you look at it again. Jumping to your death may progress the story. It sounds a little... ambitious is the nice word, but if it achieves what it claims, it could be incredibly interesting.
  • Proven Lands - Q2 2015 - You play a stranded astronaut who has to survive by battling unique creatures, dealing with hunger, and worry about the weather. It is a procedurally generated sandbox game set in a sci-fi world. I'm just glad that it doesn't have anything to do with zombies.
  • Whispering Willows - Q2 2014 - A horror puzzle game that has great visuals, where you play a girl searching for her father that has supernatural abilities like flying and manipulating time. Its hard to judge a game like this, without playing/understanding the story, but the details in the art give a good sense that some care has been taken with the game.



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