Steam Game Evoland Gets Ported to Android And iOS

Published: February 7, 2015 9:10 AM /



Evoland 2Evoland is a satirical game made by Shiro Games that makes fun of the entire retro RPG genre, including plots such as loading screens, the main villain, and game mechanics. It isn't a very long game, it is only a couple hours long, but it is a nostalgic game that makes people chuckle at the craziness and tropes of old school RPG games, such as Final Fantasy and The Legend of Zelda, which it seems to have gotten most of its inspiration from. It takes you through the entire history of retro gaming, from 8 bit, to 16 bit, to 3D worlds, and from the greenish and black textures of GameBoy games to a wide array of colors seen on later PlayStation titles.

This game was released for Steam in April of 2013, did not get a very high user or critic score on MetaCritic of 6.1 out of 10 for critics and 6.6 out of 10 for users. Besides that, it actually got a fairly high score on Steam itself of 85% of users rating it positively, and had over 400,000 players. It was rated high enough to warrant a sequel, which is currently in development. But that is not all it warranted:

As of February 5th, this game has been ported to Android devices as well as of iOS devices so that you can play it on the go. This game also comes with a small twist. Unlike games from Square Enix that were ported to Android Devices, such as their most recent addition Dragon Quest V (which is selling right now for 14.99 despite it being a game initially released for the PS2 in 2004), Evoland is actually being sold on the Google Store and iTunes for half the price that it is currently selling for on Steam. On Steam this game sells for 9.99$, but on the Google Play Store and iTunes it is only selling for the low low price of 4.99.

What do you think of Evoland making it onto the Android and iOS platforms? Have you played this game previously on Steam? If you have, do you think it is worth the investment to purchase it again on your mobile device?


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