Steam Explorations Sale - A Raptor Recommendation

Published: November 27, 2014 11:00 AM /


Steam sale

Yesterday marked the beginning of the Steam Explorer Sale, this is the a sale spanning from the 26th of November to the 2nd of December. Much like all of the other Steam sales each of the different deals have a certain amount of time that they are all out for you if you don't see a deal you like you may have to check back after the page refreshes to see if there's a better deal you want.

If you want to see what kinds of sales Steam has currently going that have a time limit associated with them then head over to the steam front page. Steam is boasting that there is currently 5649 games on sale across all of steam so chances are that there is something in there that you want, to check out all of the deals you can head over to their special sales page.

I asked around and got some recommendations for games from fellow staff members in case there's just too much to decide so check out our Raptor Responses:

BattleBlock Theater Made by the creators of Castle Crashers, Battleblock Theatre is best enjoyed with a co-op buddy, as you can go through it's campaign with your friend dodging cats, collecting yarn, and enjoying precise platforming and co-op mechanics. In addition, the multiplayer is a blast with such things as a basketball like minigame that can lead to absolute chaos. There's a good assortment of user-generated content via the Steam Workshop took, and for only a $1.49, you can afford to get one for you and a friend to enjoy the wonderful experience together. Also, silly heads. Gotta love the silly heads. - Shaun Joy

Counter Strike: Global Offensive This game is a must for any fan of first person shooters, and especially people who enjoy gameplay that requires teamwork and communication. Offering new content on a regular basis through purchasable "Operations", there is always a reason to hop on and play games - whether you want to play for fun or get super competitive! The team-based action gameplay is the reason that hundreds of thousands of players have been logging in for 14 years, and you won't be disappointed. It's also a great buy if you love collecting things...because there are a ton of really cool skins being released regularly! - Rutledge Daugette

The Stanley Parable What if the choices you make aren't really choices? What if everything that lead you to this moment was on a predetermined path, one that you can never escape no matter how hard you try? What if maybe, just maybe, your entire life was a game to some sort of narrator who just wants to tell a simple story but everything you do just screws it up? These questions and more are answered in the spectacularly written and hilarious game The Stanley Parable, which is currently 70% off for $4.49. - Stephen Stites

E.Y.E Divining Cybermancy E.Y.E. Divine Supremacy is a tough game to reccomend to everyone, as it has the learning curve of a barbed-wire fence. There's a good chance you will spend a few hours not knowing how the game works in the slightest, but when it clicks, E.Y.E. is one of the deepest RPG/FPS hybrids on Steam this side of Deus Ex. - Perry Ruhland

Nidhogg With the overwhelming amount of games on sale its hard to sift through the mountain of titles on sale. With that in mind I’m suggesting a game that seems to have flown a little under the radar, this game is Nidhogg. Nidhogg has been the most purely fun game Ive played in a while. A 2d fighter/platformer/fencing simulator where the player battles to reach the end of a stage and to prevent their opponent from doing the same. Simple. Nidhogg boasts a pure simplistic perfection that not many other games do, simple controls, simple goal, tight gameplay and as polished as anything. If you have 2 controllers, grab a friend to play too. There will be smiles all around as you both duel for the opportunity to get devoured by a big viking folklore worm. The game is on sale for $7.49 at 50% off. - Alexander Baldwin


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