Steam Digital Gift Cards Are Now Available

Published: Saturday, October 28, 2017 - 20:00 | By: Robert N. Adams

Sale Hunters and Gift Givers rejoice: Steam Digital Gift Cards are now available according to a news post on the official Steam Blog.

Physical gift cards have been available for Valve's digital distribution service for some time now, typically available at popular retailers like GameStop and Best Buy. You've also been able to digitally send specific games as a gift to someone on your friend list, but that might not have quite the right feel for a stocking stuffer. Now you can save yourself a trip to the store by picking up a digital gift card and send it in the same way to anyone on your friend list.


Digital gift cards can be purchased in various fixed amounts on the page for this new service. You must be friends with the recipient for at least three days prior to being able to send them a gift. If someone lives in a different country, the money will be converted into their local currency. If they happen to decline the gift, Valve will attempt to refund the purchase to your original payment method. If that's not possible, the money will instead be dispersed to your Steam Wallet.

You can read more about Steam Digital Gift Cards (and the Steam Wallet in general) at the Steam Support page for this particular topic. If you're out to give a friend a gift (or you're hoping to receive one yourself), it's now a little bit easier to get it done for everyone's favorite place to hoard games they don't quite have time to play. The feature has arrived just in time for the 2017 Steam Halloween Sale, so get out there and save a few bucks for you and your friends!

What do you think of Steam Digital Gift Cards? Do you think you or your friends will be making use of this new feature or will you instead purchase specific games for people? What do you think the best use of a gift card would be? Let us know in the comments below!

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