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Published: July 25, 2016 2:13 PM /


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Frontwing’s visual novel Corona Blossom is coming to Steam with a demo after a successful Indiegogo campaign. The cute anime story does not yet have a release date or price listed on Steam but the first volume is advertised as coming out in July with a "low price". The demo is available to play now with around 45 minutes of introductory content.

Corona Blossom is a kinetic visual novel, meaning it has a set storyline without different paths or decision making. The story follows protagonist Keiji who has a knack for machinery but dislikes working with it. He lives a simple life in the countryside until a strange metallic life form on a meteorite crashes into his life and starts complicating things.

The alien is named R-ne and takes the form of a girl from Keiji’s past. Sympathetic to R-ne’s plight, he offers to help get her back home. Unfortunately, a metal-hunting space pirate gets in the way as she tries to collect the valuable metal that R-ne is made out of.

Featuring character art and design from artist Nanaca Mai the characters come to life with Frontwing’s E-mote system. Text can be switched between Japanese and English. The Corona Blossom website explains that the visual novel is planned to be released in volumes, one every three months.

The first volume of Corona Blossom is called Gift From the Galaxy. Two more volumes are scheduled for release and the developers will consider making more after launch. They are even considering creating an anime of the series if all goes well.

Frontwing’s original visual novel Corona Blossom will release the first volume, Gift from the Galaxy, sometime in July on Steam. A demo is now available online for PC so players can get to meet the characters and be introduced to the story. More information about the visual novel can be found at the official website here.

Corona Blossom

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