Steam Deck Ups Production, Opens More Order Windows

Published: March 7, 2022 1:50 PM /


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Valve has announced that it has been "working hard" to increase Steam Deck production, allowing it to open another wave of orders for people with reservations. Additionally, it will soon be selling this handheld gaming PC in more countries, including Japan.

The Steam Deck is a new handheld gaming PC created by Valve, the same people who brought you the Steam digital distribution storefront. Following the launch of the console (albeit with some drifting concerns) and a free new Valve game, the company is shifting focus to producing more units (and probably the Steam Deck Dock, too). And if you were lucky enough to have put in a reservation at launch, you might be able to get your console a little sooner than expected.


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Steam Deck Ramps Up Production for More Worldwide Sales

Earlier today, Valve put out an announcement (via Reddit) that it has been ramping up production for the Steam Deck so as to get more orders out the door. Best of all, the company is investigating expanding to more countries.

First and foremost, anyone who has put in a reservation at launch may have received updates on their order -- make sure to check your e-mail inbox and see if your order is available! In addition to that, Valve has opened up the Q3 reservation window for new customers thanks to its ability to produce more units -- if you haven't already reserved a Steam Deck, you might be able to get one sooner than you would have thought.


As a side effect of its increased production, Valve is also looking at expanding its market. The Steam Deck wasn't available everywhere when it first launched. (Not that it would have mattered much considering that the first wave of reservations sold out in practically no time.) Valve is now investigating expanding the countries where you can buy this handheld gaming PC. Japan will be one of them, although what other countries will be considered remains a mystery for now.

While the launch was a bit shaky, it looks like the Steam Deck is building strong momentum. You can learn more about this handheld gaming PC on its official website. And if you're curious about how good it might be, why not check out our review?

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