Steam Deck Release Date Revealed for Reservation Holders

Published: January 26, 2022 1:52 PM /


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The Steam Deck release date has been revealed for reservation holders -- soon, the lucky few who locked down a pre-order will be able to actually buy Valve's upcoming handheld gaming PC.

First revealed last summer, the Steam Deck is a handheld gaming PC created by Valve. The digital game distributor (and occasionally game dev and hardware manufacturer) has been hard at work getting features ready for launch including the "Steam Deck Verified" program and support for anti-cheat on Linux.

A list of compatible games for launch was recently revealed, some of which will benefit from the new Dynamic Cloud Sync feature that will allow you to immediately switch gameplay from your Steam Deck to your PC (as long as developers implement it). Unfortunately, the launch of this handheld gaming PC has had a few delays along the way; now, Valve is confident that it's ready to launch this brand-new gadget in just a few short weeks.

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When is the Steam Deck Release Date for Reservation Holders?

The Steam Deck release date has been locked in for February 25, 2022, at 1:00 PM Eastern. Anyone who already has managed to get a reservation before they sold out will have a total of 3 days to make their purchase.

Here are the firm details on the Steam Deck release date via today's announcement:

  • We will start sending invites shortly after 10:00 am on February 25th, PST
  • Order emails are sent in the same order that reservations were made.
  • You can only order the Steam Deck model that you originally reserved.
  • Your reservation deposit will be applied to the final price of Steam Deck, and shipping costs are included.

Those of you with a reservation who do decide to follow through will start getting shipped out on February 28, 2022; orders will be sent out in weekly batches after that date.

If you haven't yet reserved a Steam Deck, however, you're going to have to wait -- the next round of pre-orders won't open up until sometime after Q2 2022. That means the earliest you'll be able to lock in a preorder will be sometime after June 30, 2022. For now, you can learn more about this handheld gaming PC on its official website.

Are you looking forward to the Steam Deck release date? Do you think this handheld gaming PC will be able to live up to the hype? Let us know in the comments below!