Steam Cloud Play GeForce NOW Support Arrives

Published: May 28, 2020 1:22 PM /


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Steam Cloud Play GeForce NOW support has arrived, giving gamers access to play more games that they already own on different devices.

Many companies have attempted game streaming over the years, but we've only recently seen some success with the concept. Steam Cloud Play is one such venture from Valve that's currently in beta, As part of this effort, Valve has added opt-in support for GeForce Now, NVIDIA's own game-streaming service which had recently solidified its publishing strategy.

Instructions for developers to integrate GeForce Now and Steam Cloud Play are now live on the Steamworks Documentation website and these give us a rundown of how things are going to work. For the moment, we aren't going to be seeing a wholesale addition of titles to the service; Valve says that it's accepting a "limited amount of games" for Steam Cloud Play for the near future while it builds out server capacity and adds new features.

As time goes on, more and more games ought to be added to the service, giving gamers more options to play the games where they want, when they want. The system isn't perfect, however, and there are some caveats that gamers need to be aware of.

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An Important Note About Steam Cloud Play GeForce NOW Support

If you're not super-familiar with GeForce NOW, here's the basic concept: your games are run off of high-end gaming hardware at a remote location and streamed to another one of your devices. Essentially, this lets you play powerful games on weaker hardware through streaming.

A subscription to GeForce Now doesn't guarantee you a permanent remote machine, though; you're going to be using whatever server is available. As a consequence, games will need to have Steam Cloud Save functionality enabled to work correctly. If a game doesn't support this feature, it's unlikely that it will be playable through the Steam Cloud Play GeForce NOW partnership.

What do you think of the Steam Cloud Play GeForce NOW partnership? Are you looking forward to streaming your games on other devices or do you prefer to play on a dedicated gaming PC? Let us know in the comments below!

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