Steam Autumn Sale 2019 Dates Confirmed by Developer

Published: November 25, 2019 2:30 PM /


Steam Autumn Sale 2019 Gris

The Steam Autumn Sale 2019 start date has all but been confirmed thanks to an indie developer pretty much outright saying that it starts tomorrow, November 26, 2019.

Here's a quick recap: Valve likes to keep the dates of their big sales a secret. Events like this take careful coordination and planning with thousands of Steam developers to ensure that everything goes smoothly. After all, they want to sell a lot of games!


There's a tiny problem with keeping something like this a secret, though — Valve informs developers on Steam about the dates of upcoming sales in advance.

Valve informs thousands of developers about the dates in advance. Yeah.

In short, the Steam sale dates pretty much leak out as soon as they're announced every year, and it's all but impossible for Valve to figure out who did the leaking. We previously heard from these leaks that the Steam Autumn Sale 2019 would be launching tomorrow, and now one strange indie game has confirmed it publicly.

Steam Autumn Sale 2019 Chinese Parents

The Slightly Early Steam Autumn Sale 2019 Announcement from Chinese Parents

The source of this public mention of the Steam Autumn Sale 2019 is Chinese Parents. No, not like, parents who are Chinese — it's a game that's literally called Chinese Parents.

Chinese Parents is a life simulator developed by 墨鱼玩游戏 (Cuttlefish Games) and published by Coconut Island Games. In it, players are the parents of a young Chinese child and must decide how to shape their future; will you let them find their own path, or will you force them to study until 2AM every night? The choice is up to you!


The devs of Chinese Parents announced the Steam Autumn Sale 2019 start date in a news post on their Steam Community page. Part of the announcement, of course, was that they would be having a 33% discount off of the game's normal price of $9.99. Furthermore, a new career update is coming which will introduce the "idol" career to a game that's already rated pretty darn well on Steam.

If this information is correct, we may well see the start of the Steam Autumn Sale 2019 sometime tomorrow - mostly likely the traditional 1PM Eastern/10AM Pacific. Bear in mind, as always, that we've still yet to receive official confirmation. (Disclaimers aside, the odds are pretty good that it does indeed start tomorrow). In the meantime, you can pick up Chinese Parents on Steam at the price of $9.99 or your regional equivalent, although it might be best to wait until the Autumn Sale kicks off tomorrow. (Probably.)


Do you think that the Steam Autumn Sale 2019 will start tomorrow per the leaks? What do you think of Chinese Parents (the game, not the people)? Let us know in the comments below!



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