State of the Game: 31/07/2017 to 06/08/2017

Published: August 21, 2017 11:20 AM /


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This week on State of the Game we'll be covering the week of Steam releases from the 31st of July to the 6th of August for this year. Whilst most of this week's statistics are on par for this week the standout is the number of releases which is a staggering 295 for the week. To put that in perspective the average is around 140, meaning there's more than double the average released in this week. That has heavily influenced the unplayed stat which is also at an unusual high.

The Long Dark exited Early Access after spending almost 3 years in the program. It's 1.0 debut also came with the addition of the first two episodes of the long awaited story mode in addition to the game's sandbox mode. This has reflected strongly in its ongoing stats as well with the average player count now well above its average for the months leading up to the release.

Slime Rancher also stepped out of Early Access this week and whilst it didn't garner as much attention as The Long Dark did the effect on its playerbase has been just as significant. Even today its average player count is about 2 to 3 times above what it was prior to its 1.0 debut.

Secret World Legends made its debut on Steam this week, coinciding with its release of the latest expansion pack The Whispering Tide. Gamers who played the previous incarnation of the game were able to transfer their characters and items across to the new game, something I'm sure helped draw a few people back into the fray. That audience has remained steady past launch for the following couple weeks as well, although how many of those were non-Steam players coming across is unclear.

Do any of this week's State of the Game stats surprise you? What were you playing on Steam at this time? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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