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Today in State of the Game we'll be taking a look at the first week in February. Across the board we're seeing a marked increase in the top level stats. Most of this appears to be off the back of Conan Exiles which managed to command an impressive 22,000 players on average during this week. That's close to double of last week's big hit Resident Evil 7: Biohazard something which few would have expected. Equally as impressive is the 27 hours of average play time across that large player base, showing that Conan Exiles players are likely to stick around for a very long time. Perhaps more game developers should look at Funcom's... creative use of the physics engine and think about including it in future titles.

For those who have been following Youtuber's Life its position at number 5 might come as a bit of a surprise. Indeed back when it was first release it managed to command a much larger audience, averaging around 3,000 players for several months. After that however it quietened down significantly with its numbers hovering around its current total for some time. The 1.0 release didn't bring with it any new content which is likely why it didn't see an increase in average players. According to the developer's update they are committed to bringing more content into the game so we might see them in the trending section sometime in the future.

The top level regional data is a very mixed bag this week with the most played game varying across the 6 areas. Entropy and Mobius Final Fantasy take out the top spots in Oceania and Asia respectively which is interesting because neither of those made the Top 5 cut. Where it doesn't take the top spot in a region though Conan Exiles is always in second place, showing how popular the game is across all regions.

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