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Welcome to State of the Game! This is a weekly retrospective looking at releases a few weeks in the past looking at some key statistics that will be of interest to many players. Today's post covers the end of November through to the start of December. Whilst we're now in the quieter part of the year, with most of the AAA titles already been and gone, there's still a great number of titles released this week. Below you can find this week's infographic:

Overall, whilst there were more games released in this week than the one before it, there were less players and they spent less time playing this week's releases. This is most likely due to the lack of a big release this week. That and many players likely burnt themselves out on the Steep beta and didn't feel the need to revisit the full release.

Interesting to note that Darksiders: Warmastered Edition was released as a completely new game in Steam with all owners of the original Darksiders receiving it free of charge. This is what is driving the 93% unplayed statistic as there are quite a few people who own the original title but haven't played the latest release. Still, a remastered edition managing to top this week's chart is commendable, even if there were no other big titles for it to contend with.

The controversial No Man's Sky saw a big resurgence this week with its player base swelling to 11 times its average size over the month previous. This is wholly due to the release of the Foundation update which has gone some way to restoring the faith that was lost in the title when it was originally released. Since then the player count has dipped down again but it has settled at around 4 times what it was previously, an admirable achievement considering its chequered past.

What do you think of this information? What games were you playing? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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