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Today in State of the Game we'll cover off the final week in April of this year. The upwards trend of the past couple weeks continues unabated with all the top level stats improving, apart from total releases. The top 3 releases are responsible for the bulk of that, however, there were a good chunk of smaller releases that helped out as well. So without further ado let's jump into the stats behind this week's releases.

Dawn of War III takes the top spot with some respectable numbers all around. Comparing it to the predecessors in the series it's still got some catching up to do with the average Dawn of War II player clocking in about 30 hours compared to Dawn of War III's 16 hours in the opening week. That number has also trended down since release, hovering at about 13 hours currently. Considering the mixed reception the game is garnering at the moment these stats aren't too surprising.

Outlast II by comparison is doing quite well, handily beating its predecessor in pretty much every statistic. More people buy the game and play it, they'll spend more time in the game on average and will also get more achievements in Outlast II than they did previously. So whilst its raw numbers might not be as high as other, similar releases this year (like Resident Evil 7: Biohazard which was featured in a previous State of the Game) it's still a big win for a sequel.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 fits in the middle of the previous examples, garnering mixed reviews but still managing to improve dramatically on its predecessors' stats. It's an interesting anomaly as games that garner mixed reviews don't do particularly well from a statistical perspective. Even after the lackluster reviews, it's still managing to average about 1,200 players some three weeks after release. Commendable given it's less than warm reception.

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