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Today on State of the Game we're bringing you a slightly updated look with a few more stats to mull over. As many would have expected all the top stats are way up this week. This is mostly due to the first big game of this year, Resident Evil 7: Biohazardbeing released this week. It's release brings with it a significant uptick in average players and average players in this week's releases. However, it's not the only game to command some respectable stats this week with a couple other titles hot on its heels.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard shows strong numbers across the board. Most interestingly it's probably one of the most completed games seen in recent times, with around 44% of players managing to get through to the end. Most seem to do this at the 8 to 9 hour mark on their first play through, as the play time stats showing a distinct bump at that point. Those numbers haven't held as strongly in the weeks since release, but that's not entirely unexpected.

Tales of Berseria manages an incredible 26.5 average hours played whilst also maintaining an average player count of 1,838. Part of this is likely due to its JRPG roots, the genre being renowned for requiring a steep play time investment to get anywhere. It's also the game's debut release outside of Japan, where it has been available since August last year. Its popularity doesn't appear to be waning either, with its current player average trending upwards from its initial release.

Avorion is also worth mentioning with numbers that are readily comparable to Tales of Berseria. It's notable because it only had a modicum of success on Kickstarter but has managed to turn that into a consistent player base on Steam. Just like Tales of Berseria it's numbers have also been steadily increasing over time with its average player count now hovering in the mid 2,000.

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