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Today in State of the Game we'll cover the week from the 13th to the 19th of March. Just like last week the top level stats are a mixed bag although both average play time and completion were up on last week. The dramatic drop in average players is mostly due to the big title of this week being released towards the end of the data gathering period. Still, even with the late-in-the-week release, there's little question that NieR: Automata is the king of this week command some very impressive stats. Considering the series' heritage on consoles such stats are certainly commendable.

Taking a look at the regional data Heaven Forest NIGHTS, the follow-up game to Heaven Forest (which itself was a successor to Heaven Island) which made an appearance in State of the Game earlier this year takes out the second spot across three regions. It is also similarly popular in the same countries as its predecessor was. The games appear to have drawn a mixed response from the wider gaming community, however.

The trending section is yet again dominated by sales with the only exception being Warface, the free to play FPS developed by Crytek. The trend is due to the release of the Icebreaker expansion, the first content update the game has seen in some time. Warface had been struggling to retain users at the beginning of the year after maintaining strong numbers throughout the holiday season. The new content appears to have brought most of those players back for now, although how long they will stick around for is anyone's guess.

You may also notice a change in the bottom two graphs which now include stats from the previous week. You can also click on any of the columns in the Genre Breakdown section to get an idea of which games make up that column and how much play time each of them accounts for.

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