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Today in State of the Game we'll be covering the week from 12/12/2016 to the 18/12/2016. Surprisingly the downturn that we'd witnessed in the last couple of weeks has been completely blown away. All the top level stats for this week are up, most notably players in this week's releases which has tripled from the week previous. A good chunk of this is due to two popular releases: the next ever popular base building early access title Astroneer and the controversial Space Hulk: Deathwing. However, even the lesser known titles seem to be attracting more players than previous weeks, likely due to more gamers starting to take time off for the holidays.

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun makes an appearance in the trending section this week, notable because it was last week's most played game. Whilst there was a slight discount given shortly after its release (which is still active) it appears the trend is simply due to the game picking up more players over time. It likely won't make it into State of the Game again anytime soon however as it appears that the increase in players has leveled out for now. Still an impressive feat for a relatively unknown title!

Speaking of unknown titles Heaven Foresta VR MMORPG, took out the top spot in numerous countries this week. Often niche games like this will dominate in a few of the smaller countries, where the player base isn't as large so this wouldn't be entirely unexpected. However, it also took out the top spot in India and Venezuela, countries which would typically have a top 5 similar to other big nations. Whilst those numbers are still pretty low for an MMORPG it's still quite interesting to see how popular it is in certain places.

With this week's upturn it will be quite interesting to see how next week's stats turn out.

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