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Welcome to this week's State of the Game! This week we'll be covering some stats for the Steam releases between the 12th and 18th of March this year. After the stellar run of the last 5 weeks it seems that Steam is taking a breather this week with only one big release making up the bulk of the top level stats. The trending section does bring us a few interesting data points though so let's have a dig through them.

Surviving Mars comes in at number 1 this week; an order of magnitude above the rest of the competition. Despite its mixed review status on Steam it's managed to retain around 60% of its playerbase after 2 weeks which is slightly above normal. Interestingly the game is reviewing quite well in some regions such as Denmark (85% positive) and Poland (90%) although there doesn't seem to be a pattern as to why. The average play time over the past couple weeks has only just started to taper off, indicating that the next couple weeks will determine the games overall longevity.

Iron Sea Defenders tops this week's trending chart via the free key route although the boost it got was very short lived. The quick burst of players, peaking at around 700 or so, only stuck around for a grand total of 2 days.

2 of this week's top 5 trending games, namely Blackwake and Dungeons 3, both made use of the tried and proven new content + sale tactic to give themselves a respectable 3x boost. For Blackwake the impact of that initial burst is still in effect with the current average still well above what it was averaging before. Dungeons 3 didn't fair as well unfortunately with its numbers almost back to their pre-spike levels. Given that Blackwake is a multiplayer game though the sustained boost is somewhat expected when compared to a single player game like Dungeons 3.

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