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This week on State of the Game we'll be covering the week from the 8th to the 14th of May this year. At the top level, we can see that most stats are about the same as last week with the two exceptions being a decent uptick in average players and a slight decrease in average play time. Overall, for a week without a big AAA release, this is actually quite impressive in showing that there were a bevy of smaller titles propping up the stats.

Creativerse takes out the top spot this week after spending over 2 years in Early Access. Creativerse always had a rock solid player base, consistently averaging around 1,000 to 2,000 players even before it went 1.0. The choice to leave Early Access (which was done in conjunction with an update and another shortly after) seems to have worked well for them, bolstering the average number of players in game significantly. Even now the count is about double what it was previously, quite commendable for a game in a very competitive niche.

Alan Wake's appearance in the trending section likely won't come as a surprise to most. For the uninitiated, the game included music which Alan Wake no longer had a license for. Remedy took this last opportunity to deeply discount the title before it would be taken down for good. As the infographic shows many gamers decided to take them up on that offer.

The trending section once again demonstrates the power of content updates combined with sales. It's a tactic that's started to be used more and more of late as previously most developers would just do one or the other. With major updates though the effect of combining both seems to be magnified. That's not to say that every update should come with a sale, but it certainly doesn't hurt every once in a while.

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