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State of the Game: 02/01/2017 to 08/01/2017

January 23, 2017

By: David Klemke


Welcome to this week's State of the Game! Today we'll be covering the releases from the first week in 2017. As you would expect it's still a relatively quiet time for releases with no major titles to speak of. The top 5 titles this week are separated by only a handful of players on average and the average play times aren't much different. The top level stats, however, are starting to pick up a bit with average players and hours played slightly up from the week before. Also with the Steam Winter Sale now done and dusted there's less competition in the top trending area, however, there are still some interesting entrants in that space.

Wallpaper Engine makes a return to the trending section for the second time, having last appeared back in the second week of December last year. It's been steadily growing it's player base over time and currently averages around 7,000 concurrent players. Considering there are dozens of similar applications out there it's interesting to see how this one has created such a following. Are you an avid user of Wallpaper Engine? If so, what's the killer feature that keeps you coming back?


Right at the bottom of the trending section is perhaps the most interesting of the lot. Lisa, a 2-year-old RPG Maker title, managed to shoot back into the public's eye thanks to a video from venerable YouTuber videogamedunkey. Considering his previous videos with games like Undertale it's not surprising to see him playing it. However, it does make you wonder why he's only making a video of it now, given its relative popularity back when it was released in 2014.


That's it for this week folks. Are there any games you're looking forward to in the coming weeks? Any games you picked up on special that you're looking to get around to soon?