State of Decay 3 Shambles on to Xbox Series X

Published: July 23, 2020 12:25 PM /


the game's title on top of bloody snow

Microsoft's showcase of the Xbox Series X included a continuation of their very own open-world zombie survival adventure. The trailer for State of Decay 3 managed to be quite coy about what it actually was. Prerendered footage showed a woman in a snowy forest making weapons and trekking carefully across the terrain, brandishing a crossbow and asserting her dominance over possible predators.

The whole thing looked like another serious survival sim... until the final moments where the hunter came across a zombie deer. It appears the new angle for developer Undead Lab's brand new State of Decay game will be zombified animals.

State of Decay has always been an intriguing franchise compared to other takes on the genre. Yes, there are shambling hordes of the undead that have to be shot and beaten to gooey bits, but Undead Labs was one of the first high-profile attempts to frame it as an open-world base management sim that you could also tackle in co-op mode with your buddies online. You have to explore for materials, survivors, and food and water to keep them happy and willing to be a part of your community.

It was a novel approach that gave the series its own identity, even if the past two installments were also lousy with bugs, glitches, and counter-intuitive gameplay features. The idea of zombified animals does seem like a natural continuation of these ideas, where even hunting for meat and pelts can result in terrible scrapes for your life against your recently turned game. There's also the promise of more in-depth survival mechanics if the winter setting of the trailer is anything to go by.

State of Decay 3 will not only be coming to Xbox Series X, but PC platforms as well. Aside from the announcement trailer, there is no release date at this time.

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