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Published: November 10, 2018 6:03 PM /


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Daybreak Games announced a new, free update for State of Decay 2 at X018 today.

This update, called Zedhunter, includes a bunch of new content including weapons, gear, and different ways to play. A new weapon fans can expect to see is the crossbow, a silent way to dispatch those pesky zombies. There's going to be eight brand-new crossbows total.

There's also going to be 6 new consumables, and the trailer appears to show some sort of canister that explodes. The Zedhunter trailer's description reads:

With new swords like Wraith, Mamba, and Masterwork Bokken and new consumables such as Zedbait, Zedeye, and Zedrenaline, you’ll experience new ways to build your community, fight off rival players, and kill
The Zedbait consumable attracts zombies, true to its name. Zedeye gives you night vision, while Zedadrinaline boosts your health and stamina for a brief time. Then there's the Scentblock, which "makes you invisible to zeds." A modification to your facility can be created for you to craft these consumables.

Two other new features are worth nothing. Survivors will have an ability to re-spec. The announcement said:

Any survivor who has reached 7 stars in one of the core skills can use one of these training manuals to remove a specialization from that core skill and gain the option to select any standard specialization of that skill. The books even unlock specializations that weren’t previously available to that survivor!
There's also five additional perks added in the Zedhunter update. These include hygiene, recycling, shopping, sleep psychology, and soundproofing, all of which will add a bit more variation to NPCs.

State of Decay 2 players won't have to wait long. The Zedhunter update comes out next week on November 16th, 2018.

There's going to be more down the line, including another free update in 2019. Though the details are sparse right now, expect new ways of surviving with your existing communities. You'll also be able to return to Trumbull Valley, the area from the first State of Decay game.

The new trailer also showed off some impressive statistics. Since the game's release earlier this year, State of Decay 2 has 4 million active players. Players have survived over 64 million in-game days and have killed over 5 billion zombies.

There will surely be more zombie killing to be had, so stay tuned for more State of Decay news in the future.

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