Starship Corporation Launches Out Of Early Access May 3rd

Published: April 20, 2018 9:40 AM /


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Sci-fi strategy game Starship Corporation is getting a full release on May 3rd, according to developer Coronado Games and publisher Iceberg Interactive.

The game was originally released via Steam's Early Access program back in April 2016. Since then, several new features have been added to the game according to player feedback. These include new types of cybernetic organism, mining features, military gameplay options and an overhauled galaxy map, among other things. Developer Coronado Games thanked Early Access players via a press release, describing how Starship Corporation has been "shaped extensively with help from the community, from their feedback and constructive criticism".

In addition to the Early Access feedback implementation outlined above, Starship Corporation players can expect several new features in the full release. Here's a quick rundown of some of Coronado Games' new additions to the retail build of the game:

  • Campaign mode: Starship Corporation will ship with a campaign mode which contains 99 different contracts and two endings to unlock
  • Sandbox mode: Players can enjoy the gameplay of Starship Corporation at their leisure in sandbox mode, which grants access to all known human settlements in the galaxy
  • Ship design: 177 rooms and facilities will be available for players to unlock in order to further customize their starship, as well as 22 unlockable fuselages
  • Crew missions: 24 Crew Management missions will be available, ranging from standard ship operation to hostile encounters and emergency situations

Several other features will also be available at launch, including a ship database, two entirely new rooms, and Russian language support. Several quality-of-life improvements will also be implemented, including improved save / load times, bug and performance fixes, and Steam achievement support.

Starship Corporation is a hybrid turn-based / real-time strategy game with base-building elements, described by its developers as "a starship-building simulation game in which you must design and build spaceships for the hugely demanding galaxy-wide market". The game will be available to purchase in full on May 3rd on PC. No word yet on other platforms.

Excited to start your very own galactic shipbuilding business? Already own the game on Early Access? Let us know in the comments below!

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