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Starr Mazer

Some of the best indie games get their start on Kickstarter and indie dev's Imagos Softworks are planning to join their ranks.  Their game Starr Mazer will launch its Kickstarter campaign on January 22 of this year.  Get ready to awaken your inner action hero, because Starr Mazer is coming.

Starr Mazer is a hybrid between classic 16-bit SHMUP's and story-driven, point-and-click adventures of the 90's. Play as the charming hero Brick M. Stonewood.  Explore the galaxy and of course save the girl in an assault fighter called Starr Wolf.

Both retro inspired and intriguingly unique, Starr Mazer will be a game to watch as soon as the Kickstarter Campaign launches.  The game is already in development.  Director Don Thacker is writing and designing the game and musician Alex Mauer has started on the soundtrack along with 20 other talented artists from the industry.

"Starr Mazer is the game I've always wanted to make," reflects Don Thacker. "More importantly, it's the game I've always wanted to play; a mashup of the best parts of my two favorite genres with a ridiculous amount of story content, mad replayability, an incredible voice cast and a soundtrack roster to boggle the mind. Though we've only just begun building the game in earnest, I have been making this game for a decade. Everything has led to this. Starr Mazer is coming."
Aside from the interesting hybrid gameplay Starr Mazer looks to have a solid story.  Using Open-Middled Gameplay players will be able to have a unique gaming experience each play through.  Critical plot points will progress for each player as usual however, the endings are varied and what happens in-between pre-determined story events will depend on the choices a player makes.

Procedurally-generated content will make for a lot of re-playability, but first the game has to get off the ground.  The Kickstarter campaign for Starr Mazer will be launching on Jan. 22 and will need community support to reach its crowd funding goal.  The team will also be present at PAX South and MAGFest to share their awesome game with the community.

The game is planned to be released for PC, Mac and Linux in April of 2016. If the Kickstarter campaign is successful backers will be able to get a copy of the game at a discount from retailers along with other cool higher tier rewards.  Check out the official trailer for the game on Vimeo. Keep an eye out for Starr Mazer from Imagos Softworks on Kickstarter.


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