Stardock Entertainment Announces Sandbox The Video Game Machine

Published: May 16, 2019 6:59 PM /


Stardock Entertainment Announces Sandbox The Video Game Machine

Today Stardock Entertainment announced a very unique sandbox game called The Video Game Machine, a combination of game, sandbox, and maker tool where anyone can make, play, and share their own video game. While there are similar tools in the market, such as the GameMaker Studio, The Video Game Machine seems to be much more geared for a broad gamer audience with a simpler and more intuitive approach to game design and development. Scott Tykoski, the lead designer of the game, explained what to expect from the sandbox title:

If you play games, odds are you've wanted to try making one too. The Video Game Machine is a game that lets you pick a genre, choose some rules, and unleash your inner game designer." Some of the game genres included are side-scrollers, shoot 'em up, and adventure games. The genre choice takes care of the game's basic game mechanics. From there, the player sets up the game's rules and selects the characters they want in their game such as knights, superheroes, ninjas, cats, and more.
The Video Game Machine includes a set of pre-made games that players will be able to edit and learn how its inner workings function, or start a brand new game from a blank slate and see where it goes. Once players finish creating their games, they can share them online and download other games developed by other players as well. Tykoski talks about how easy it is to create your own games with it, but also how powerful the tool can become in the hands of savvy gamers and budding or proficient developers.
The game has been designed to be easy enough that anyone can create their own games while still having enough power that savvy gamers can create truly unique games with it. We've made the art style match the 1980s/1990s golden age and included a lot of premade graphics sets so players can be up and making their own games in minutes.
Stardock Entertainment will release an alpha build of The Video Game Machine on May 29, which will include the first two genres: Platformer and Adventure. And for those who are just looking to play, they will find a host of classic-style games they can play rather than create their own.

You can already pre-order The Video Game Machine for $9.99 at the official website. You'll gain access to the alpha when it's released on May 29. You can also follow Stardock and The Video Game Machine on Twitter.

What do you think of The Video Game Machine? Are you more interested in Dreams or this sandbox game? Let us know in the comments below!

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