Stardock Announces Star Control: Origins

Published: October 18, 2016 11:00 PM /



Stardock is back at it again, exciting space nerds everywhere with a reboot of the beloved Atari Star Control franchise.

Those who have played the previous titles won't be too surprised with the gameplay elements, for everyone else Star Control: Origins is a sci-fi action adventure game, with RPG elements. Set in the near future of 2086, after receiving a distress call from an alien ship that has crashed on the moon of Triton, you take command of Earth's first interstellar ship. You get to explore a procedurally created galaxy, make allies and enemies with various alien races, explore worlds unique to your playthrough, and engage in battles while trying to unravel your place in the intergalactic political space that has the galaxy on the brink of chaos.

Brad Wardell, Executive Producer, and head honcho over at Stardock had this to say:

"We Earthlings are the newcomers to the galactic scene, the dozen plus space-faring species have been hatching their schemes since before we got out of trees. Now, suddenly, they have to deal with those meddling apes from Sol 3 who threaten to upset the plot."

"Star Control is ultimately about us Earthlings exploring the galaxy, finding and talking to strange alien civilizations, and hopefully living to tell the tale, we are hopeful those who remember the original trilogy will like the direction we’re taking here while at the same time introducing a whole new generation to the awesomeness of a game that combined action, adventure, and roleplaying in a sci-fi game simultaneously."

For those who are intrigued, you can join the Founder's Program at and get early access as soon as it becomes available, as well as mod tools, private dev journals, exclusive art music and more from development, as well as the final game when it's available, all for $35.

The final release is slated for 2017 PC, and an unknown time for consoles. Those who need a bit of a push into the world can check out the teaser trailer below.

Are you interested in Star Control: Origins? Have you played the original? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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