Stardew Valley-Like Snacko Launches Its Kickstarter Campaign

Stardew Valley-Like Snacko Launches Its Kickstarter Campaign

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Stardew Valley-Like Snacko Launches Its Kickstarter Campaign

May 26, 2020

By: Joe Apsey


Snacko, a Stardew Valley-like farming and community building game has officially launched its Kickstarter campaign during today's Wholesome Direct.

Armor Games and Bluecurse has unveiled their new game in full where you will be able to rebuild a community they can design and decorate as they please, farm, fish, and everything else at their own pace.

You play as Momo and her best friend Mikan as they arrive on a desert island with a mysterious past. Their goal: make the place a home. They will have their paws full and need help from the local caretaker, Nobu, growing crops, taking care of local animals, and choosing who to invite to your island and populate the village. Bluecurse also promises some secrets within the island along the way.

The game's Kickstarter begins today and will aim to build a passionate community around the game, allowing them to provide feedback through the development process. 


A new trailer for Snacko has also been released which you can find below:

Snacko is inspired by other comforting titles like Rune FactoryStory of Seasons, and The Legend of Zelda series. Bluecurse are a husband and wife duo based in Canada and the game's artist and community manager offered a statement on launching Snacko's Kickstarter campaign, which you can reach here.

"We both had no idea that our fun little side project would grow into such a large and complex part of our lives. It's been an amazing experience to work on something that is 'just for us' that turned into a game that many are looking forward to. We can't wait to share more of the game with everyone!"

What are your thoughts on Snacko? Will you be checking it out when it releases or supporting Bluecurse's Kickstarter campaign? Let us know down below in the comments.

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