Stardew Valley Hints At Content For 1.1 Patch

Published: May 2, 2016 9:00 AM /


Stardew Valley 1-1 Update Preview

The popular farming RPG Stardew Valley has posted an update detailing what's to come in the game's 1.1 patch according to Next Save Point.

The article links to a blog post by the game's sole developer ConcernedApe. The post comes on the heels of a short break the developer was taking. He had spent the last several months doing interviews, creating new content, and providing tech support all in the midst of selling over 1,000,000 units of the game.

ConcernedApe talks a bit about the overall future of Stardew Valley before getting into details about the 1.1 patch. Co-op Multiplayer, Localization for other languages, Console ports, and a Mac/Linux port are all coming. Although he has essentially been a one-man operation up until this point (largely relying on publisher Chucklefish to handle the website and game's distribution), ConcernedApe will be outsourcing these particular elements of Stardew Valley to Chucklefish so he can focus on making new content for the game. There was also mention of "Merchandise" without any specific details.

This Stardew Valley screenshot accompanied ConcernedApe's update on the status of the next patch. There's quite a few interesting new things to see in it!
This Stardew Valley screenshot accompanied ConcernedApe's update on the status of the next patch. There's quite a few interesting new things to see in it!

The social side of the game is getting a few new bits of content. Shane and Emily will be added as a new bachelor and bachelorette that the player can court. These choices came as the result of two polls ConcernedApe ran on his Twitter asking who the community would like to see as the next marriage candidates. Players who have their hearts set on someone else are getting something as well; current marriage candidates will be getting expansions in the post-marriage content. The non-marriage NPCs will be getting some new events as well.

There will be improvements to both mining and combat. There will also be bug fixes, more secrets, and more "small, fun touches to the world". The developer hinted in his AMA on /r/StardewValley that all of the game's secrets hadn't yet been found and that more would possibly be showing up in a future patch.

There will be new farm buildings, crops, and artisan goods added to Stardew Valley. These will be supplemented by new advanced farming & production mechanics. Managing your farm's buildings will be made easier with the ability to move buildings around; right now the only option to deal with an ill-placed building is to demolish it and build a new one elsewhere. ConcernedApe also mentioned that there will be "more late game content" as well as "other convenience features" in the game, but he didn't go into much detail beyond that.

A screenshot accompanying the blog post revealed a handful of features that may make it into the game. The first is an item that appears to be Void Mayonnaise which is made from the rare Void Eggs. In the current version of the game, a witch might fly over one of your coops and deposit a Void Egg. That Void Egg can be incubated to turn into a Void Chicken which will produce the dark eggs with red speckles. ConcernedApe stated in a tweet that Void Mayonnaise would likely make it into the 1.1 patch.

The screenshot also shows what appear to be Coffee Beans as well as Coffee being produced via the Keg. There's also a 3 x 3 building (similar in size and appearance to the Silo) that seems to have some relation to mushrooms.

ConcernedApe closed his update on the forthcoming 1.1 Stardew Valley patch by thanking the community for their support and adding a disclaimer that any of the aforementioned details are subject to change.

Correction: The Tiki Mask is a Rarecrow currently in the game and not a new feature coming in the 1.1 patch.

What do you think of the upcoming additions to Stardew Valley? What would you like to see in the game? Let us know in the comments below!


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