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Published: February 4, 2017 6:56 PM /


Stardew Collectors

The wildly successful indie game Stardew Valley will be getting a physical Collector's Edition on April 11 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This physical release is due to Stardew Valley's publisher, Chucklefish Games, partnering up with 505 Games in order to help get the title onto retail shelves. Stardew Valley's Collector's Edition will consist of a physical disc version of the game, a digital copy of the soundtrack, a map of Stardew Valley's Pelican Town, and a short strategy guide. It will release on April 11th, and cost $29.99 in North America, while Europe gets it two days later on April 13th.

Retail releases of lower budget digital titles have become commonplace, with publishers like the aforementioned 505 Games, and more, like Limited Run Games and Gametrust bringing smaller games such as Rocket League, Skullgirls, and other indie titles to a physical release. NPD recently released a report noting that packaged game sales have declined in the past decade, likely due to an over-saturation and focus on AAA titles. However, they also claim that allowing a more diverse selection, of not only game genres, but cost as well, on store shelves could potentially lead to consumers buying more physical copies, which would help improve the shrinking market of retail video game releases. Part of the issue is that there are fewer games being released at retail and focus is put on just a handful of them, 2016 in fact, was the first year since 2010 to have an increase in the number of retail releases, which was at 742 in 2010, down to a low of 230 in 2015 before rebounding to 271 in 2016, in part due to some smaller releases seeing retail releases.

Stardew Valley is set to get a Nintendo Switch port sometime in the future, and there's a possibility of a PlayStation Vita version being in the works as well. The game's multiplayer patch is still a work-in-progress, and it doesn't look like it will be available soon.

Techraptor covered the game when it came out last year, giving the title a perfect 10/10 score, with Senior Writer Robert N. Adams claiming, "Stardew Valley has a little bit of everything for everyone and does it all well. It's well-designed, well-polished, and encompasses everything I love about this style of game and more. A modern masterpiece in every way."

If you are trying out Stardew Valley you may want to check out our beginner's guide, or our tips for advanced players.

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