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Published: June 13, 2014 12:16 PM /


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Star Fox for the Wii U was something fans have been waiting for for 8 years now. With a joking reference to it at the start of Nintendo's E3 press conference and a blurred out view of creator Shigeru Miyamoto playing Star Fox at the end of the conference Star Fox for Wii U has finally been announced.

The last original outing Star Fox and his co-pilots had, apart from appearances in Smash Bros, was in 2006 with the release of Star Fox Command for the Nintendo DS. Shigeru Miyamoto has said "We originally began working with Star Fox on the Wii, and we had a small group of people experimenting on it for many years, maybe about six years, but we didn't find an idea that really brought that together for the Wii. So instead we moved to the Wii U using some of the same assets". It seems Nintendo has been working diligently to make sure that Star Fox for Wii U is the game that everyone has been waiting for.

So far what has been revealed is that the Wii U gamepad will allow the player to view the game from a first person perspective of Fox while the TV will display the usual third person, behind arwing view. Miyamoto has said that the game is intended to be played by holding the gamepad up within line of sight of the TV and that your aiming will be independent of your ships movements, this means the game will be "more fun to play valley modes where you're flying the ship but simultaneously aiming at a lot of different things on the level". There is also a new helicopter vehicle being added to the game on top of the Arwing and Landmaster returning from prior games.

No release date has been announced for this game yet.

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