Square Enix Reveals Pokemon Go-Style Dragon Quest Walk For Smartphones

Published: June 3, 2019 11:15 AM /


dragon quest walk

Looks like Square Enix wants to throw its hat into the Pokemon Go ring. The company has announced Dragon Quest Walk, a location-based AR game similar to Pokemon Go.

The official website for Dragon Quest Walk (it's in Japanese, but Gematsu has translated it) describes the game as "a location services-based game for smartphones". You'll be able to play as a Dragon Quest character visiting real-world locations. Unlike Pokemon GoDragon Quest Walk will let you talk to townsfolk, change your equipment, and do plenty of other RPG stuff. Square Enix seems to be positioning this game as more of a conventional RPG than its critter-related cousin. Check out the Dragon Quest Walk trailer below:


It's a very sweet trailer, showing off plenty of iconic monsters from the Dragon Quest universe. The website says you'll be able to "set your destination from nearby spots" and set off, which sounds an awful lot like a quest to us. Landmarks will appear around the world, and you'll be able to grab quests from them. Dragon Quest Walk will also feature the ability to customize your room. You'll be able to place furniture and items that you obtain on your adventure in said room.

Dragon Quest Walk will be developed by Colopl, creators of the somewhat controversial White Cat Project. Square Enix is targeting a 2019 release in Japan. We don't yet know when (or indeed if) the game will be coming to Western shores. There will be a closed beta test for 10,000 Android users and 10,000 iOS users in Japan on June 11th. It's possible we'll hear something about this at E3 this year, when Square Enix's conference will be happening on June 10th at 6 pm PT / 9 pm ET. The company will be revealing details about its upcoming Avengers game at the event. Watch out for more news about Dragon Quest Walk there.

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