Square Enix PC Sale: New Low Price Just Cause 3, Rise of the Tomb Raider

Published: March 17, 2017 12:09 AM



This week Square Enix titles have gone cheap for PC gamers when GMG launched their new Square Enix sale earlier this week. Dozens of Square Enix Europe (think Edios) titles have dropped in price, and many of them are at new lows or nearing historic price points.

One such title to break cheapest ever territory on PC is Just Cause 3. The November 2015 launched game hasn't been discounted as much as other PC titles - and when not on sale is still at the $60 list price. A typical sale these days on Just Cause 3 would put it at half price, or $29.99. For context, its previous low was the Steam Winter sale at $14.99. Now after coupon in the GMG Square Enix Sale, Just Cause 3 is only $12.15, or a new low by 19%. It's a similar story with the Just Cause 3 XL Edition, previously being at least $22 - now only $17.38. Both are excellent prices.


In addition to the third installment of Just Cause, several other games are hitting new lows too. One other noteworthy titles include: Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration, Dues Ex: Mankind Divided, The Turing Test, and Life is Strange Complete - are all at their best prices to date for their PC Steam digital copy.

Getting the discounts is straight forward, you'll just need to login or create a new account at GMG to snag what they are labeling "VIP Prices". On top of that apply an extra 5% off coupon code at checkout and you're set to go.


In addition to all the sales below, NieR: Automata is also still on sale at GMG before its PC release.



Just Cause

Tomb Raider More Square Enix Deals GMG's Square Enix sale is good now through March 20 at 9AM Pacific. The coupon code also ends at that time and is exclusive to this sale only (code does not work on non-square enix titles).

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