Square Enix E3 2015- Project Setsuna

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Square Enix E3 2015- Project Setsuna

June 16, 2015

By: Robert Grosso


Square-Enix President Yosuke Matsuda closed his companies E3 Conference with one more reveal, a brand new IP.

Code named Project Setsuna, the IP will be an all new RPG, that is currently in development by a new studio, Tokyo RPG Factory. As Matsuda stated, "RPGs are a major part of the Square Enix legacy, including Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts." In keeping with this tradition, Matsuda has pledged that Square Enix will continue to make new RPGs with this new studio.

"RPG fans from all over the world have supported us along the years," said Matsuda. "To keep creating incredible new RPG titles, we started Project Setsuna and it is developed by Tokyo RPG Factory, a newly established studio for the project.”

Project Setsuna "pays tribute to Super NES RPG titles," according  Square-Enix. Other then a few screenshots showing off concept art, nothing else about the game has been revealed. Square-Enix is promising more details at a later date.


The only other piece of information given is a target release date, which is some time in 2016 for a worldwide console release. This, of course, is also subject to change. It is likely that Project Setsuna is still early in development at this time.

So is the foundation of a new Studio, and a new IP, a good sign from Square-Enix? Are you curious to see more of Project Setsuna? Leave your comments below. 

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