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Published: March 31, 2022 2:02 PM /


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Square Enix has revealed more details about how the FFXIV Housing Lottery System will work starting with the debut of FFXIV Patch 6.1 in April 2022.

Much like the real world, the housing market in Final Fantasy XIV has been a bit of a mess. Housing demolition was suspended back in the earlier days of the pandemic. Square Enix planned to resume demolitions back in February of this year, but it walked back those plans earlier this month. Now, new details have been revealed about a new lottery system that will determine who can get the chance to buy a virtual home in this MMORPG.


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How the FFXIV Housing Lottery System Will Work

Simply put, you won't be able to just purchase a plot of land in Final Fantasy XIV like you used to when Patch 6.1 launches sometime in mid-April 2022. The FFXIV Housing Lottery System is going to change things up a bit.

Here's how the system will work:


  1. A player or Company representative goes to the placard outside of an open plot of land.
  2. The player enters the lottery within the 5-day entry period.
  3. The results come in. If you lose, you'll get a refund of your lottery deposit. If you win, you'll have a 4-day period to actually purchase the plot of land.
  4. The lottery cycle begins again.

As shown in the image above, the lottery system works on a nine-day cycle (based on real-world time, not in-game time). There will be five days to enter the lottery and four days for winners to purchase plots of land. The process will start again after nine days. The five-day and four-day periods may be slightly shorter due to maintenance in rare instances.

A single player will only be able to enter the FFXIV Housing Lottery once during a cycle; you won't be able to enter for both a personal home and Company property.

As you might expect, there are all sorts of conditions and caveats about how this works -- you can read the full Lodestone article for all of the requirements and limitations. If you haven't yet jumped into this great MMORPG, you can buy Final Fantasy XIV for PC and PlayStation starting at $19.99 or your regional equivalent.


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