Square Enix Creating Over 100 New Jobs in Canada in 2019

Published: April 29, 2019 8:50 PM /



Square Enix Limited announced today the creation of over 100 new game development positions at two of their facilities. The Square Enix Montreal and Eidos-Montreal teams, nearly 700 strong altogether, comprise the largest workforce outside of its Japanese studios.

In addition to seeking new employees, the facility has plans to expand throughout the coming year. Square Enix will finance the construction and renovation of the Eidos-Montreal facility. Current plans will add over 10,000 square feet to the layout. The company plans to add some of the latest and greatest tech to their facility, including full performance motion capture, photogrammetry studios, a research laboratory, and a studio for recording and audio mixing. The Square Enix Montreal studio plans to more than double its size throughout 2019 with its own series of renovations. Specifics about the extent of these developments at the latter facility are currently unknown.


Eidos-Montreal has a number of successful IPs under its name. Titles attributed to the studio include the reboot of the Deus Ex series (both Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided). It also released the latest entry in the Thief series. Eidos-Montreal was also critical in the development of the TOMB RAIDER franchise. The facility provides additional technical support for Square Enix's other projects across the globe.

Square Enix Montreal, established 2011, is the mobile games branch of the company. Their mobile releases include Hitman Sniper, Hitman GO, Lara Croft GO, and Deus Ex GO. Their team strives to "develop enjoyable and high-quality gaming experiences for a global audience."

Square Enix itself is a household name among most gamers. Its titles include both the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series. Square Enix Ltd is its London branch, a wholly-owned subsidiary of its parent company. The London branch is responsible for releases in Europe and various other PAL territories. It possesses a network of affiliated and owned studios around the world, including both Eidos-Montreal and Square Enix Montreal.



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